About our auction
a Live Online only
Auction that operates
it is being
auctioned by an auctioneer,
auctioning a vehicle the whole activity is conducted
electronically and interactive with the user.
The date and time of the auction is system generated or Dealer Specified. All items are
catalogued and are grouped to allow
the auction to be advertised online for a number of
days prior to the live auction
giving notification to online users.
the Live Auction all
details of the auction are displayed
onscreen and updated instantly as the
bids occur.
The following features of the Online Real Time Live Auction will be available to buyers and
sellers allowing them to
Additional advantages include;
•Upload vehicles similar to classifieds.
•Create your OWN yard Auction
•Ability to generate your own Cataloguein a dedicated timeslot
•Create Public or Wholesale Auctions
•The ability to buy or sell stock via aWholesale network through the RealTime Online Auction portal
•Item remains at your location
•Minimise transportation costs
•Reduced cost to auction item
•Remote location Auction
•No Commission fees